Whether it be taking up golf for the summer, digging your bike out for a neighborhood ride, or just running with your children at the park, any new activity can cause an injury. It’s important to take care and not overdo it.

Keeping the aches and pains away

Prevention is key! Here are some tips for preventing injuries during summer fun:

1. Drink Water! Hydration is necessary to keep your joints and muscles working properly. That means every day, not just before or after a workout. If it’s hot outside, you need more water than usual.

2. Stretch! Stretching once you’ve warmed up is best. Start by getting your blood flowing by walking riding for five minutes. Then stretch the muscles you’ll be using. After that, you’re ready to start your activity.

3. Get the right gear! Equipment should fit right and provide proper support. Making sure you’re wearing it correctly is also very important. When buying new equipment, go to a sports-specific store for the right fit and the right advice,

4. Change things up! Always doing the same activity increases your chance of getting a repetitive strain injury. For example, if you’re usually a runner, try riding a bike. If range of motion is important, give yoga or Joga a try!

5. Listen to your body! Your body will tell you when it’s had enough. Make sure you get adequate rest time between active days and never “push through the pain.”

Self-Care: What to do and when to do it

You may be able to alleviate pain of minor injuries yourself by using the RICE method:

Rest – Stay off the injured area
Ice – Put ice on the area for 15 minutes every hour. Meaning 15 minutes on, 45 minutes off.
Compression – Wrap using a bandage but not so tightly that you’re cutting off circulation
Elevate – Elevate the injured area above heart level if you can

Remember, for pain you can’t take of yourself, you need to see a professional. You should never self-diagnose or self medicate. 


Information gathered from TheSmartLife.ca