What is Vertigo?


Vertigo is a form of dizziness characterized by a loss of balance and the illusion of movement in the environment.  The sensation may be temporary lasting 30 seconds to 1 minute and triggered by position changes, or may be more constant and independent of position.  This unpleasant sensation is due to imbalances within the inner ear and vestibular system.  Common causes include head trauma, whiplash, advanced age, and inner ear infection. Our Physiotherapist, Vanessa Milot is trained in Vestibular Rehabilitation can diagnose the cause of vertigo and treat accordingly.

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) is the most common condition leading to vertigo.  This is a biomechanical condition in which otoconia (calcium carbonate crystals) become displaced and stimulate structures in the inner ear called semicircular canals.  The resulting vertigo can be treated through a series of assisted body movements, the most common form of which is known as “Epley Maneuvre”.  Treatment is quick and pain free and symptoms should be resolved in 1-3 treatments.

Other causes of vertigo include but are not limited to Meniere’s Disease, vestibular system degeneration and vestibular neuritis/labyrinthitis.  Treatment for these conditions may include education and exercises to stimulate the vestibular system and restore function.

Our trained Physiotherapist, Vanessa Milot can also determine if referral to a medical doctor or specialist is required based on symptoms and findings from special tests during assessment.

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