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Why Don’t You Take X-rays?


Why Don’t You Take X-rays During Your Exam? This is a question we get frequently in the office.  There are situations where x-ray usage is necessary, but x-ray usage for exploration sake is not recommended under current best practice guidelines. Here’s why… What do X-rays show? X-rays are best at identifying bony pathology. This includes

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Pain Free ‘Sit to Stand’ Posture!


Spinal Hygiene: Sitting to Standing Posture Back pain can worsen when transitioning from a sitting position to a standing position. This is mainly caused by the rounding of the spine while attempting to stand up, which causes the low back to lift the weight of your body as you manoeuvre. Adapting a squatting posture to

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Correct Your Posture!


Bruegger Postural Relief Exercise Retrain your posture by perfoming this postural relief exercise at the top of every hour! Think about how much time you spend a day hunched forward, reaching for items, using a lap top or cell phone. Now think about how many times you arch backwards, or squeeze your shoulders together?

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