Office Chair Posture

Sitting at your computer all day can wreak havoc with your posture resulting in upper and lower back pain. One of the most often requested tips we get at the clinic is “What can I do to improve my posture?
Computers are very effective in holding your attention, causing you to slouch forward, lean in to view the screen, or hover over your keyboard as you type. This is much more evident with makeshift work stations at home during the pandemic lockdown. Couches, or dinner table chairs have become the new work space.


Here is an effective hack you can use at your work station to help improve your posture.

Tennis ball trick

Grab a tennis ball and place it between your back and your office chair (between the shoulder blades). Your goal is to keep that tennis ball from sliding down your back.
The effort required for you to maintain pressure on the ball to prevent it from sliding will keep you sitting upright in your chair. If your posture fails and you lean forward or slouch, the ball will remind you as it falls down your back.
Try this posture hack for 10-15 mins every hour. Gradually increase the time spent with the ball pinned to your office chair. Remember, every minute spent with good posture helps!