You can get a relaxing spa-like massage almost anywhere, but what Cornerstone Therapy & Wellness does differently than most other massage clinics is offer therapeutic and sports massages aimed to treat underlying aches and pains. Our massage therapists utilize a number of different manual muscle therapies to help reduce adhesions and restrictions in muscle tissues. This will allow you to get back to your everyday life with more mobility while feeling refreshed.

Women feeling the pain in her lower back

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Tap into your body’s natural healing abilities by increasing blood flow and by promoting the release of natural painkilling substances. This will help speed recovery and dull pain.

Stress is one of the largest contributors to an unhealthy lifestyle. Stress can leave you feeling anxious, tired, unable to concentrate, and can even lengthen healing times and increase your perception of pain.

Allowing yourself time to relax and clear your mind while your massage therapist releases muscle tension can help promote lower levels of stress.

Hands on therapy like the pressure from a massage can help improve circulation throughout the body ensuring nutrient and oxygen rich blood can freely circulate.

Our lifestyles can lead to constant hunched over and awkward postures. Whether it be slouching on the couch watching netflix, texting on our phones, or sitting at a desk working on a computer – we are all guilty. Massage can help loosen tight and knotted up tissue that will allow you to sit up straighter and work with less tension on your body.

Regular massage can prime you to sleep better on a more regular basis by reducing muscle tension, stress, and by promoting relaxation.

An active lifestyle can leave muscle tissue tight resulting in tension and immobility. Massage can help lengthen muscle fibres and improve joint range of motion.

Many headaches can stem from muscle tension in the neck and shoulders. Releasing tension in specific areas can help relieve headaches symptoms.

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