Playing with your grandkids. A weekend golf trip with your friends. A restful night’s sleep.


Life is a collection of moments, and some are too valuable to be impacted by pain. At Cornerstone Therapy and Wellness, we understand the importance of REDUCING painful symptoms and RESTORING pain free movement so you can REGAIN life’s precious moments.

How can we get you back to living life?

Our Process:



Our therapists will sit down with you to discuss your condition. Through a detailed history and exam, we will get down to the root cause of your problem.

Manual Therapy


We blend a collection of hands on techniques ranging from spinal manipulative therapy, soft tissue massage, cupping therapy, Instrument assisted soft tissue therapy, and active release to improve range of motion, stiffness, and function.

Complimentary Therapy


One style of treatment is never the answer. Our treatments often utilize several techniques – each with their own goals – to target all of your bodies’ tissues. From Shockwave therapy, Laser therapy, Acupuncture, and lumbar decompression therapy, we have the ability to effectively treat any condition we may encounter with a therapy that best suits you.



Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, and Massage therapists all under one roof allow for multidisciplinary collaboration to occur. A working relationship with several healthcare disciplines mean better outcomes for you, the patient.



No treatment can be comprehensive without a well designed rehabilitation program. Strengthening exercises are the cornerstone to any care plan, which is why we make sure you have the tools needed to continue your care outside of the clinic.


Complete Health & Wellness Services Personalized For You

Massage Therapy
Athletic Therapy
Shockwave Therapy

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Patient Success Stories

I have been coming to cornerstone therapy for about two months now and dr. Newton has helped me tremendously with the trauma I received in my back and neck. I had limited mobility in my back and neck but thanks too dr newton I am healing now and haven’t had any pain in my back for so long or else I would have severe aching pain! Also dr Newton is very kind and easy too talk too and also the receptionist is very kind providing great customer service! Their clinic is so amazing I am now bringing my mom to dr Newton! Thank you for everything dr Newton !
Much appreciated


The staff at the clinic are professional and always work around my schedule to provide a high level of care


Dr Tom, thanks you so much for the great chiropractor care. I know you got my back every time I come to the clinic. Good people, give this guy a try.


After a year and a half of dizziness daily and not feeling like myself, and trying everything for answers, a friend mentioned Vanessa.. Well, all I can say, is my life has become normal again.. It took a bit of time ,but not too long.. If your suffering with dizziness and crazy things happening to you.. Go see Vanessa!!


Nice staff and clinic. Had great experience and would highly recommend!

Ning Li

The people who work here are amazing, services are amazing. I feel very comfortable with them I always feel better after an appointment there.



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