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Is Acupuncture right for you?


Is Medical Acupuncture right for you? In order to determine if medical acupuncture is right for you, it is best to start off with an explanation of what it is and what is involved in the acupuncture process. Medical acupuncture involves the insertion of needles into “neuro-reactive” sites in the body in an attempt to

Is Acupuncture right for you?2018-03-02T15:45:30+00:00

Sitting to Standing Without Back Pain


Back pain can worsen when transitioning from a sitting position to a standing position. This is mainly caused by the rounding of the spine while attempting to stand up, which causes the low back to lift the weight of your body as you manoeuvre. Adapting a squatting posture to initiate standing from a seated

Sitting to Standing Without Back Pain2020-10-22T00:13:13+00:00

Why is ‘Good’ Posture so Important?


Good posture is as important to good health as eating well, exercising, and avoiding toxins like drugs and alcohol. Often overlooked as an important part of healthy living, good posture allows you to complete everyday tasks with more energy, less stress, and less fatigue. Ideal alignment or posture is a position in which all

Why is ‘Good’ Posture so Important?2018-02-27T19:36:41+00:00

Stand, Move, and Stretch it out!


We often hear about stretching. Most people think of stretching as an activity for people that exercise and play sports. Stretching is actually an activity that can be performed by anyone, but more importantly should be performed by everyone. Stretching is also a form of exercise and can provide a lot of relief form

Stand, Move, and Stretch it out!2018-02-27T19:35:21+00:00
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