Our Certified Athletic Therapist is an expert in treating acute and chronic injuries to the musculoskeletal system (muscles, bones and joints). She will provide you with a personalized, hands-on treatment to find the underlying cause of your pain. Athletic Therapy is for everyone, from the busy parents to the professional athlete and everyone in between! Whether you’re looking to return to your normal daily activities or gain a competitive edge over your opponents,  Athletic Therapy at Cornerstone Therapy and Wellness may be exactly what you need to keep you performing at your absolute best.

Athletic Therapists rehabilitate injuries using the Sports Medicine Model of care, a method that focuses on the individual taking an active approach to rehabilitate their orthopedic injury. This results in a faster recovery, a reduced chance of further injury, and fewer visits to a healhcare provider.

Athletic Therapists are skilled on returning athletes to competition and maximizing their performance potential as fast as possible after an injury. Those same skills and techniques also make Athletic Therapists very effective in treating the injuries sustained by everyday active Canadians, including:
– Common injuries from falls, daily activities and sports
– Chronic and recurring conditions, pre-surgery and post-surgery
– Emergencies at sporting events such as concussion, fractures, and spinal injuries
– Workplace and motor vehicle accidents

Athletic Therapists work with a wide range of populations from stay at home parents, office workers, high level athletes, and everyone in between!  Athletic Therapy benefits include decreased pain, improving joint mobility and increasing overall strength.

A Certified Athletic Therapist are manual therapists that utilize a wide variety of contemporary rehabilitative techniques, therapeutic modalities, physical reconditioning, and supportive strapping procedures to promote optimal healing. This prepares the individual for safe reintegration into an active lifestyle.

At your first appointment your Athletic Therapist will perform a thorough assessment to determine the extent and cause of your injury. Your therapist will also ask you questions about your current injury, previous injuries, health history, and any medications you are taking. This information will determine a direction for your treatment plan. The aim is to find the cause of your pain/injury so we can efficiently treat the cause. Initial appointments are one-hour in length.


NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT) is a sophisticated form of manual therapy that combines motor control theory and manual muscle testing. It is an excellent modality in rehabilitation and manual therapy as it not only identifies the cause of pain and dysfunction, but it also corrects it quickly and painlessly.

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is a unique, complete and complementary system of table-based assisted stretching, focusing on the fascia and joint capsule as the key elements in achieving optimal flexibility, strength, performance and pain relief.

Fascial Stretch Therapy Benefits:

  • Improved posture
  • Reduced risk of injuries
  • Releases endorphins which are natural pain suppressants
  • Improved strength and flexibility
  • Decreased stress
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Decreased muscle soreness

Hands on therapy applied to the body in the form of joint mobilizations, soft tissue therapy or manual stretching.

*Most versatile treatment option, great for most acute and chronic conditions.

The use of vacuum like pressure on the body in an attempt to release muscle and fascial restrictions, while also stimulating blood flow. Usually performed with the use of plastic/rubber cups.

*Great for muscle spasms, muscle dysfunction (knots), and localized pain.

The insertion of needles into areas of the body in an attempt to correct muscle and nerve dysfunction by increasing blood flow, and encouraging proper firing of muscle and nerve fibres.

*Great for joint pain (knee/shoulder), neck/back pain, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow

A variety of therapies aimed to relieve pain and restore function by tapping into the body’s self-healing properties.

*Great for joint pain, Tendonitis, TMJ Disorders.

Spinal Decompression is a form of mechanical traction through the use of a specialized table. It works by gently providing traction to the vertebrae of your spine creating a negative pressure within the discs. The discs in your spine are a gel-like substance that can protrude or ‘herniate’ putting pressure on important structures of the back (ie. Nerves) causing pain. The negative pressure can cause the discs to retract relieving this pressure and discomfort. It also promotes healing by introducing water, and nutrient rich fluids back into the discs.

Spinal Decompression works great for disc herniations, degenerative discs, osteoarthritis, and as an alternative to spinal adjustments.

Tape applied directly to the skin to offer stability and protection to the joints and muscles during physical activity.

*Works great for ankle sprains (chronic instability), wrist injuries, and shoulder stabilization.

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